President of University

personal information

Certificate: PhD
Born: Babylon, Iraq, 19
Specialization: Artificial Intelligence
Scientific title: Professor, Doctor
Marital Status: Married ( children)
Permanent address: Hilla, Babylon


Computer Science- Artificial Intelligence, get a Ph.D. in Computer science ( Artificial Intelligence) in 2004. From Sept 2014 till now President of the University of IT and Communications – Baghdad. General chair of the NTICT annual conference(Springer), Editor in Chief of IJCI Iraqi Journal for Computers and Informatics, Editor in chief topic (Intelligent Computing) in the(IJNC) International Journal of Network Computing and Advanced Information Management, and editor in the(JCIT,AISS,JINT, IJACT, IJIIP) international Journals , Program Chair of the ICCM and ICNT international conferences. Awarding the Medal of Scientific Excellence with 35 Iraqi scientists in 2013, in 2018 awarded Best Application in KOICA International Competition.