Business Information Technology

The need for the BIT department has emerged as the need for government and private sector institutions to understand and manage information and keep updated on the evolution of information technology. This major is considered as one of the most important modern disciplines, which is increasingly essential by students, education, and institutions employment because there is almost no institution, whatever itss field, that doesn’t need this specialty.
Students in the BIT Department receive a wide range of courses that focus on preparing highly qualified graduates in information technology, computer science, database management, electronic and information management, communications, software, and financial applications.

Informatics Systems Management

The ISM Department is considered one of the leading scientific departments in the field of information systems technologies that seeks to meet the needs of diverse institutions by adopting the latest information technologies in the world.
The Information Systems Management Department focuses on applying the best modern technologies in the field of information technology and information systems management to plan, design and implement various information systems that include all areas of life and manage them optimally.
The ISM department is designed to build students’ skills needed to develop innovative solutions in business environments.
The ISM program enables students to lead transforming information technology in all organizations of the country. Graduates are prepared for many roles in public and private sector organizations such as programmers, database administrators, systems analysts, project managers, experts in IT security and risk, or in the field of business intelligence.