The College of Business Informatics at the University of Information Technology and Communications, in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, opened the second classroom at Al-Karkh Central Prison in Baghdad.
The opening ceremony was attended by the Dean of the College of Business Informatics, Dr. Nagham Hamed Abdul-Mahdi, and the Deputy Minister of Justice for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Burhan Mazhar AlQaisi. This classroom is the second in the University Education Center at Al-Karkh Central Prison, established in collaboration with Earthlink Telecommunications Company.
Abdul-Mahdi stated, “The success of the Central Education Center project, which originated from the College of Business Informatics, and the increasing number of students among the inmates prompted us to expand the center to accommodate additional students, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice.”
Abdul-Mahdi further emphasized, “The center has achieved significant success in terms of results achieved by inmate students and their academic excellence.”
During the opening ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Justice affirmed that correctional institutions have implemented many necessary plans and measures to progress in rehabilitation, including the opening of literacy centers within Iraqi reformatory facilities.