The President of the University of Information Technology & Communications (UoITC), Professor Dr. Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri, signed a joint cooperation agreement with the his counterpart of the Northern Technical University, Professor Dr. Alia Abbas Al-Attar. The agreement included several axes, such as the teaching axis, which included a number of items concerned with cooperation in addition to teaching, and the scientific research axis, whose items included most of what is related to improving scientific research and the level of researchers.
The student activities axis included a group of items, such as exchanging visits, holding sports activities, artistic and scientific exhibitions, graduation projects, and scientific debates.
The agreement also addressed the axis of administration management and career development. Its items included holding joint workshops in the field of laboratory quality and accreditation according to standards, exchanging administrative expertise and electronic programs, and focusing on the field of technological incubators and entrepreneurship, which was the focus of cooperation, coordination, and exchange of experiences, projects, and young teams between the two universities.
This agreement comes to raise the level of the two universities and make them keep pace with the prestigious universities, and in order to increase the bonds of cooperation, open new horizons in the academic and scientific fields, and raise the level of scientific research.