The College of Business Informatics at UoITC organized a Symposium on crime prediction using artificial intelligence (AI).
The University President, Professor Dr. Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri, spoke in the introduction to the symposium, about the importance of AI in developing education and Iraqi universities He added that these symposiums have a major role in improving education alongside AI.
The symposium, which was presented by Dr. Hassanein Al-Taie and student Muhammad Safaa, aims to shed light on the use of technology to detect crime, as well as pre- and post-crime prediction, analysis, and discovery.
It focused on the technology used in detecting crime, including the use of cameras, screens, mobile applications, as well as smart lighting, drones, etc., and how artificial intelligence works and predicts crime.
The student Muhammad Safaa spoke about how to train machines on artificial intelligence and also the type of data that they deal with through certain algorithms.