The Department of Citizens Affairs was established based on the directives of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to form these sections in all ministries and formations affiliated to them for the requirements of the labor interest under the Ministerial Order No. 12872 on 25/10/2004 to undertake the tasks of receiving the various requests of citizens, employees and students, their complaints and grievances submitted to the respected Minister or the heads of the respected formations and answering them in accordance with the approved controls and contexts, alleviating the burden of the citizen, organizing the process of receiving complaints and providing the best government services in caring for (the citizen, Employee, student) alike.

It is a division affiliated to the presidency of the university in terms of organizational structure, and is concerned with citizens’ affairs, which concerns the university and its formations and the development of the level of university performance.

It is linked to three units: –

1- Citizen e-Government Unit.

2- Citizens Complaints and E-mail Unit.

3- Follow-up unit for completed and uncompleted citizens’ requests.

Objectives of the Division: –

– This division reflects the state of civilization in civilized societies and the state of institutions.

– The Division represents the façade of the university and the President of the University.

– Facilitating and providing the best services to complete transactions (citizens, employees, students) in cooperation with all university formations (colleges, centers, departments) and overcoming the difficulties they face when reviewing.

The work of the Citizens Affairs Division at the University:

– Receiving citizens (teacher, employee, student, external auditor) and listening to their complaints and referring them to the concerned authority after presenting them to the attention of the officials.

– Direct supervision of the organization of interviews for the honorable (President of the University, administrative and scientific assistants, deans of faculties) respected.

– Introducing the citizen to the appropriate legal formulas to solve the problem, the administrative contexts in force, the decisions and laws followed.

– Addressing the authority responsible for implementing the request.

– Follow up all requests and complaints sent to all university formations.

– Contribute to the work and entry of citizens’ requests in the citizen’s e-government program belonging to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

– Field visits to all university formations.

– Communicate with the citizen about the measures taken regarding his request or complaint by phone, e-mail or review.

– Polling the opinions of citizens (reviewers) and knowing their suggestions regarding the work of the university.

Application Mechanism (Interview):

– Writing the application in a clear and specific manner, taking into account the identification of the subject of the application and its address.

– Write the triple name, address of the applicant, his phone number, e-mail, the department or workplace and the scientific department affiliated to him so that the answer and address the concerned authority.

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For more inquiries and complaints, please contact:

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