Assistant Rector for Scientific Affairs

scientific affairs
Scientific Affairs, with its various types of knowledge, research and scientific development, represents a forum for the production of university researchers from various scientific productions, patents, and a continuous scientific publishing movement, as well as many diverse scientific aspects. This department was established in 2014.

personal information

Address: University of Information Technology
Al-Nidhal Street – University Campus
Baghdad, Iraq. Phone: +964 7902234325
Web Sites:
Identifiers: Web of Science ResearcherID S-6596-2019 e. george

Academic Degree

Ph.D. In Digital Image Processing, College of Science, Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq (1997). Thesis title is “New Coding Methods for Compressing Remotely Sensed Images”.
M.Sc. In Theoretical Physics, College of Science, Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq (1983). Dissertation title is “The Calculation of Work Function and its Temperature Dependency Using Finite Step Model and Linear Potential Model “.
B.Sc. in Physics, College of Science, Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq (1979).

Research Interests

• Digital video, image and audio compression techniques (transform coding, fractals, wavelet…).
• Information hiding in Multimedia (image, audio video).
• Biometrics for computer security applications (fingerprint, hand geometry, Palm, Iris, Retina).
• Computer Vision (including textural analysis, image classification and segmentation) for remote sensing and biomedical applications.
• Image retrieval systems.
• GIS and GPS applications.

1- Leadership in Education, Research and Development Fields
• President Assistant for Scientific Affairs/ University of Information Technology (from December 2019)
• Head of Computer Science Department (Dec2010 – Sep2015).
• Head of IT-Unit/ College of Science/ University of Baghdad (Jan.2008 – Dec.2010).
• IT Consultant in headquarter of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. (for 2 year)
• Head of the Directorate of “Software Development and Systems Integration” in Al-Khwarizmi Company (for 4 years).
• Head of the directorate of “Research and Development” in Al-Khwarizmi company for specialized Software Industry (for 4 years).
• Head of the research group in the field of “Ionosphere and Geomagnetism”, in the Space Research Center (for 3 years).

2- Professional Experience
• Teaching Staff Member at University of Baghdad, College of Science (2006 – till now).
• Member of Scientific Consultancy team for Iraqi National ID project (2012-2013).
• The technical Supervisor for the consultancy team of Iraqi ID national project (2014-till now).
• Member of Scientific Consultancy team for Electronic Registry System for Iraqi Traffic governance (2012-till now).
• Member (IT-expert) of Board of Governors (BOG) of Iraqi Stock exchange (June 2005 – June 2011).
• Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHE), Directorate of Research (2004- 2005).
• Ministry of Science and Technology, Directorate of Space and Flight Research, Simulation and Modeling Department (2003- 2004).
• Al-Khwarizmi Company, Directorate of Specialized Software Development and Systems Integration (1998 – 2003).
• Babylon Company for Specialized Software, Directorate of Research and Development (1993-1998).
• Space Research Center, Department of Space Technology (1987 – 1993).
• Scientific Research Council, Space and Astronomy Research Center (1984 – 1987).

3. Teaching and Post Graduates Supervision
A. University Lectures

Topic College University
Agent Technology Science Al-Nahrain
Computer Architecture Science Al-Nahrain, Sulaimani
Computer Graphics Science Al-Nahrain, Baghdad
Computer Network Science Al-Nahrain
Computer Security Science Al-Nahrain, Sulaimania
Data Compression Science Institute of Higher Studies, Technology
Digital Image Processing Science Al-Nahrain, Baghdad, Sulaimania
Advance Data Structure Science Baghdad
Digital Image Processing Science Al-Nahrain, Baghdad, Sulaimania
Advance Data Structure Science Baghdad
Discrete Structure Science Al-Nahrain
Fractals Science Baghdad
Modeling & Simulation Science Al-Nahrain, Baghdad
Multimedia Science Al-Nahrain, Sulaimania, Baghdad
Network Security Science Sulaimania
Database Security Science Sulaimania
Multimedia Security Science Sulaimania
Pattern Recognition Science Al-Nahrain, Baghdad, Institute of Higher Studies, Sulaimania
Programming (C) Science Baghdad
Programming (Pascal) Science Baghdad
Programming Visual Basic Science Baghdad
Robotics Science Baghdad
Software Engineering Science Baghdad
Video & Audio Computation Science Al-Nahrain
Artificial Satellites & GPS Science Baghdad
Advance Mathematics Science Al-Nahrain, Baghdad
Celestial Mechanics Science Baghdad
GIS, Advance GIS Science Baghdad
Mathematics, Advance Math Science Baghdad
Statistical Mechanics Science Baghdad
Artificial Satellites Science Baghdad
Spatial Analysis Methodology Science Baghdad

   B. Supervision



In the fields of image compression, pattern recognition, computer security, computer vision, remote sensing and computer security.



Master Dissertations


Diploma Dissertation


4. Computer Skills
• Good background in computer programming and software development (Visual Basic, Delphi, Borland-C, C-Builder, FORTRAN, Pascal).
• Multimedia and image processing software tools.
• Microsoft Office tools (word, excel, visual basic, access and PowerPoint, FrontPage).
• Windows OS management, administration and customization.
• Developed different software applications, (e.g., auto-navigation system, simulators, optical mark recognition system, documentation & archiving systems, camera tracker).


• Have experience in the design and implementation of software applications in the fields of:
• Image processing, Pattern recognition, Computer graphics,
• Remote sensing, Data transmission (Secure telecommunication: telemetry and tele command),
• Coding systems (ciphering, image and audio compression, and information hiding),
• GIS, GPS, Artificial Satellite Dynamics, Guiding systems based on GPS and image.
• Applications of Distributed Systems.
• Member in different Iraqi national committees for studying and planning the activities of computer resource management, computer security, software industry, and training and research programs in computer fields (Years: 2000- 2002).
• BOG Member (IT consultant) of Iraq stocks exchange (ISX), since July-2006 till now.
• Member of Arab Union of Physics and Mathematics.
• Member of Iraqi Association for Remote Sensing.
• Member of Iraqi Association for Computers.
• Member of examination committees for M.Sc. and Ph.D thesis.
• Technical supports and consultancy to
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate of Communication and Information Technology.
• Ministry of Higher Education, Directorate of Researches and Studies, Computer Center.
• Iraq Stock Exchange.
• Ministry of Interior, Directorate of Traffic.
• Kurdistan Ministry of Higher Education, Office of Student’s Central Admission and Acceptance.
• Member of the International Editorial Board of the “Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics” (eISSN: 2066-3129, ISSN: 2066-4273).
• A member of Editorial Board in the Iraqi Journal of Applied Physics ( & ( ?page_id=23).
• Member of Consulting Scientific Bureau/ College of Science/ University of Baghdad/ at 2008 and 2011.

Scientific Publications

International 224 Articles
Local 75 Articles
Theses as Books 48 Books