The University of Information Technology and Communications, represented by the Technology Incubator and Ecosystem Division, participated in the scientific exhibition for discovering talented people, which was held in the corridors of Al-Mustansiriya University, Shahid Al-Mihrab Hall, for the period from 4/29-30/2024.
This participation comes at the invitation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Department of Scientific Welfare, where the technological incubator units in the university’s colleges participated through many participating student projects.
A group of student projects were presented, which embraced multiple axes and directions in innovations, the use of artificial intelligence, fingerprint recognition in a new and less expensive way, and the use of technology in agriculture and irrigation.
The university pavilion was visited by a group of government officials, including the Director General of the Scientific Welfare Department, Dr. Ahmed Saad Aliwi, representing the Minister of Youth and Sports, who praised the participation of our students through their innovations and scientific productions and promised to embrace part of them. He also instructed that these products be tested in designated places in the ministry to benefit from it in the future.