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we are training a new generation of individuals to go beyond problem-solving to influence, impact and create change.

Questions are encouraged here. We empower them to design and innovate under the close mentorship of our world-class faculty. Our students learn by doing from their very first class, and quickly transition to authentic Technology projects with real-world corporate, government and nonprofit partners.

The pace of technological change gets faster every day. Unleash your curiosity and see where it takes you.

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Our vision is that the Mobile Computing and Communications Engineering Department in the near future will be the leading engineering departments locally, regionally and internationally by providing a high quality educational system.


The graduation of skilled and innovative engineering staff required in the labor market with self-motivation and ethical professional values that enable them to research and develop and keep pace with the technology in order to serve the community.


– Work on to have the graduate student skills and knowledge required to design mobile communications systems
– The graduate student should be able to adapt to different work environments through affirmative action within multidisciplinary teams.
– The student should be able to integrate academic knowledge with field practice in order to develop the engineering profession.
– The student should be able to continue to develop his knowledge and skills for life and to benefit from every new in the field of competence.
Job Description of Graduates of the Department.
– Admission to study in the department on the program bachelor degree is for high school certificate holders of the branches (scientific, applied, and biological) according to the system of central acceptance of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
– A bachelor’s degree in mobile computing and communications engineering is granted to the graduate after successfully completing (140) one hundred and forty quarterly units taught by the student in (4) four years of study and with two semesters per year. Courses include mandatory and optional courses.
– The study in the department qualifies the graduate to work in private and government sectors and according to the field of specialization in terms of communications engineering, such as the installation and management of mobile towers and management of computer networks and the design of websites and the design of mobile applications where the graduate is familiar with the aspects of design and processing of computers and microprocessor and automation units and the distribution of wireless towers and self-monitoring to possess a solid scientific and knowledge base enabling him to pursue his higher academic studies.



Program Specification  MCCE Department

Discover the future of TV with OLED technology

The description of this academic program provides a brief summary of the main characteristics of the program and of the expected learning outcomes of the student to demonstrate whether he has made the best use of the opportunities available. It is accompanied by a description of each course within the program

Program Specification MCCE

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Structure of the program for  MCCE

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Curriculum Skill Chart for MCCE

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Our students hail from all over the Iraq, and their diverse passions and experiences shape our community. The bonds forged through study sessions, service trips abroad and the rush of a breakthrough will last a lifetime.

You’ll come to our Department to deepen your passions and Knowledge, and you’ll leave as the person you were always meant to be. Your heart and mind will open as you connect with a community that shares a commitment to our country’s progress and the common good.

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Employment opportunities for graduates of the program:

Design software and applications for mobile phones and websites.

Mobile computing and Internet of Things

Telecom and mobile phone operators

Management of computer networks.