The College of Engineering at the University of Information and Technology & Communications held a scientific symposium in the Department of Media and Communications Technology Engineering jobs entitled: Waste Management;  Challenges & Solution.
The symposium was presented by Prof. Ola Adel Qasim, where she focused on the environmental and economic importance of waste recycling and its relationship to sustainable development, especially in achieving the eleventh goal set by the United Nations on (sustainable cities and local communities).
The symposium also included an introduction to the types of waste and their divisions from an environmental point of view.
It provided engineering solutions for construction waste and its use as aggregate in concrete mixtures.
The symposium focused on one of the most important environmental problems in the world, as countries, especially developed ones, are seriously searching for ways to dispose of waste, recycle it, and improve the environment.
A number of experiences of developed countries in this field were presented, as well as studies, research, programs, and systems that focused on this issue.