Department of Continuous Education in University of Information Technology and Communications held a training course of Windows Server. This training course is included within the department’s training curriculum for the first half of 2017. Employees from the prime minister’s office and the parliament / general secretary participated in it.
This course aimed at teaching the participants the means and skills which enable them to use the system in controlling and running the devices connected in one network. It also included the preliminary set up for security and privacy. There was a session on distributing user permissions beside accessing and controlling the server through wireless connection to reduce program costs for users.
The course of Windows Server is characterized by many features including Device Manager which is found in all Windows versions. It controls all the computer’s components and parts . There is another feature which is Server Management. It is unique in Windows Server system as it presents a direct interface to all options and features of the system (full explanation in a separated report). In addition to Map Network Drive feature which connects to a folder uploaded on the network whether it is local or external and it also allows connecting to FTP server.