The presidency of the University of Information Technology and Communications-Committee for Immunization of Students From the Terrorist Ideology of ISIS held an awareness seminar against ISIS. The seminar attended by students and lecturers.

The seminar presented by Dr. Razak H. Al-Mousawi, the head of thought and doctrine Department from the faculty of Jurisprudence at the university of Kufa.
The seminar discussed the topic of the symposium, which dealt with the concept of terrorism and Takfiri thought, which is a satisfactory phenomenon that hits the body of humanity and which does not adhere to religion or nationality or sect.
The seminar tackled the possible means that the state institutions and Iraqi universities can take in the face of this takfiri thought, where seminars, conferences, and meetings are a means of bringing together schools of thought and accepting the other. The seminar presented solutions of developed by countries such as education, dealing with poverty, creating employment opportunities for youth, Drying its sources of funding and silencing the media channels that encourage strife and division between the people of the country.

The symposium aims to educate and aware the students by the Committee of Immunization of Students From the Terrorist Ideology that was formed at the university where the seminar preceded the establishment of a solidarity stand to fight the thought of ISIS and support our security forces and popular mobilization, followed by this symposium to prevent these deviant ideas that exploit the aspects of ignorance, poverty, and unemployment in some Weak souls.
For his part, prof.Dr. Al-Bakri stressed the need to immunize students from intruding ideas that deviate their religion and faith. He noted that the success of students in their education is the best shot at the heart of terrorism. Al-Bakri thanked and appreciated on behalf of his lecturers, staff and university students to Dr. Razzaq al-Moussawi to present this seminar.