The Continuous Education Center, in collaboration with the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers / Committee for Coordination and Management of Government Activity towards E-Government, organized the third development workshop within the fourth phase in 2024 for the capacity-building training program for state institutions’ employees towards electronic transformations regarding advanced technologies for e-government.

The workshop, presented by Dr. Ahmed Ezeldin Abdul Amir, the training director of Microsoft, discussed how to benefit from modern resources and technology in establishing modern e-government in Iraq. It addressed Iraq’s readiness level in terms of infrastructure and mobile networks, and how to utilize these resources to overcome network challenges and make use of them. The smart technologies applicable to the Iraqi e-government were also reviewed during the workshop.

Reference was made to other countries’ experiences and the possibility of applying them in Iraq, particularly concerning available devices or those that can be effectively employed to create e-government applications without high costs. The workshop highlighted the possibility of hosting these applications in the national data center or using cloud computing technology with available infrastructure, whether through mobile networks or the national fiber optic network.

The workshop also covered various smart technologies, with examples such as utilizing the national ID card and the experience of smart border ports. It also discussed Microsoft Cobalt, artificial intelligence assistants in Office and Windows applications, and mobile phones.

A large number of state institutions’ employees attended the workshop, and the university president, Prof. Abbas Al-Bakri, presented an appreciation certificate to the lecturer.