The College of Engineering at the University of Information Technology and Communications held an electronic seminar on the application of ClassMarker, one of the e-learning tools that are used to prepare (online tests).
The seminar which was held through the Zoom application aims to introduce the ClassMarker application to the lecturers and how to set up a live test or an online test on the Internet, which is characterized by its ease in the way of creating tests, in addition to the multiplicity of exam preparation options, including the creation of a temporal test where the questions appear randomly, in addition to the ability to specify the time for taking the exam for a specified period.
The seminar was prepared with the participation of a specialized software team from the University’s College of Engineering and was declaimed by Asst. Lecturer Atheer Ma’aroof and Programmer Batool Jawdat.
You can view the video recordings of the seminar in addition to training videos about the application through the following link