Business Informatics College at the University of Information Technology and Communications organized a multi-functional student activity on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The activity aims to raise awareness about violence against women, as it included several activities presented by professors and students of the Department of Business Information Technology in the college, and focused on the status that women enjoy at all levels and the great role they play as the other half that society forms with men.

The activity included speeches by the Assistant President for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Louay Edward, and the Head of the Department of Business Information Technology at the College, Dr. Muhammad Salih, in which they focused on the status that women enjoy within society and the need to educate against the phenomenon of violence targeting women.

The activities presented by the students included drawing joint artistic paintings that represent the slogan of the International Day of Violence against Women, in addition to presenting a theatrical show for students that embodied the effects of violence on women in particular and society in general, with short video clips showing the experience of battered women, the method of dealing with violence and how to get rid of it.

The activity also included holding competitions among students, and prizes and gifts were presented to a number of participants in volunteer work and activities.