The College of Biomedical Informatics, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, held a seminar on “Criminal Responsibility for Electronic Extortion Crimes”

The seminar, which was presented by the official spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, Major General Khaled Al-Mahna, included clarification of the criminal aspect and the legal procedures followed to address cases of electronic extortion, as he clarified the possibility of the competent agencies in reaching the perpetrators of these crimes and holding them accountable, addressing some realistic stories.

Artist and actor Hafez Luaibi participated in the seminar to talk about some of the phenomena of electronic extortion in society and its negative consequences by reviewing a set of examples and facts on this topic.

While the teacher Nidal Gamar Abdel Wahed, responsible for the Psychological Counseling Division at the university, clarified the causes of electronic blackmail and discussed its impact on the victim’s psyche, Where she stressed the importance of the family, moral constants and societal norms in addressing these practices, They also discussed some customs and behaviors that are alien to our society that should be avoided.