This ranking was determined by the Spanish “SC imago” classification for the year 2024, placing the University of Information Technology and Communications in the first-tier category (Q1) with an overall index in the top 25% of institutions.


The “SC imago” classification is among the most prestigious global rankings, with its overall index based on three main indicators: 50% for research performance, 30% for innovation outputs, and 20% for societal impact. It encompasses 17 sub-indicators for performance evaluation. These sub-indicators include measurements related to the number of research publications indexed in the “Scopus” database, collaborative outputs with foreign institutions, citation rates, internationally published research compared to the number of researchers, and patents.


The university excelled in engineering disciplines, surpassing many Iraqi universities that participated in the ranking, numbering only 30. The University of Information Technology and Communications secured the 14th position in engineering disciplines nationally, 131st among Arab universities, 253rd in the Middle East, and 2408th globally.


This academic distinction reflects the quality of engineering research produced by the University of Information Technology and Communications.


The results can be accessed through the following link: