In conjunction with National Plantation Day, the University of Information Technology and Communications is organizing an awareness campaign on the importance of planting trees in the university’s colleges.

Professors and students of the university’s colleges participated in the campaign by organizing the afforestation campaign, which included planting trees and roses and distributing paper clips to encourage participation in the campaign, which was within the buildings of the university presidency on Al-Nidal and Al-Mansour Streets.
This campaign comes based on the ministerial directives to make the 12th of March a day for national afforestation, as university students carried out this educational awareness campaign on the importance of afforestation in the university community in particular and in Iraq in general. The campaign also aims to clarify the importance of afforestation and spread the verses and hadiths of the Prophet that encourage agriculture, as agriculture contributes to improving air quality and oxygen in particular, reducing temperatures, in addition to reducing desertification, dust storms, and other benefits of the green belt.