The scientific departments in the Faculties of Business Informatics and Engineering at the University of Information Technology and Communications achieved good results in the Iraqi classification of scientific departments of Iraqi universities for the year 2023.

The Department of Business Information Technology at the College of Business Informatics obtained an advanced score in the classification over the corresponding departments, amounting to 46.3 degrees, while the departments of the College of Engineering, which participated for the first time in the classification, obtained a score of 40 out of a total of 50 points.

This classification of scientific departments in Iraqi universities, which was completed by the Scientific Supervision and Evaluation Service at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, comes in compliance with its policy of enhancing response to quality requirements, developing the educational environment, and measuring institutional performance indicators.

The results of this version of the classification included an evaluation of (1875) scientific departments in (95) public and private universities and colleges according to program accreditation standards 40%, faculty members 25%, students 20%, and international classifications for academic specializations 15%.

Below is a link to the results of the scientific department classification: