College of Business Informatics in UOITC established a seminar about students assessment mechanism in the practical side of the studying subjects with the attendance of the college dean the Dr. Safaa O. Mahdi and number of lecturers.
The seminar dealt with the work mechanism in scientific laboratories of the college (practical part) in term of student report writing of accomplishing scientific experiments (inside the LAB) and performing scientific test.
The Dr. Intsar S. Almjbli president of Information Systems Management department introduced precise details about the scientific side whereas the university is characterized by existing a number of specialized laboratories were recently prepared from known origins for covering the practical and scientific parts of the given theoretical materials to the students in different levels for completing the imagination about the decided scientific syllabus scientifically and theoretically at the students.
After that the dean of the college of Business Informatics the Dr. Safa O. Mahdi presented how to write the scientific reports by the students and upload to the electronic teaching program (Model) by which the students can write their reports and after that the practical instructor can perform assessment and grading the reports electronically.
Confirming this way is characterized by the simplicity, precision, data saving and transparency. Then archiving the reports in applicable formats and organizing the report with all its parts, organizing the information within it, how to write the results and recommendations, how to organize the first page, how to document the references and using numbering, headings and subs.