Training and Development department at the university of information technology and communication issued the training curriculum for the second term of the year 2016. The training curriculum specialized in computer programs and general training courses.

The training curriculum includes many rehabilitation and professional training courses in web programming, web design, GIS, database programming, and multimedia training course. As well, there are many programming training courses like (, SQL, Oracle, and Visual Basic) and others.

In addition, the curriculum includes statistics, management, and computer maintenance training course. Each course has a fix duration.
These courses enable the participants to work actively and effectively on different computer programs. Lecturers and employees of UOITC present the training courses. Each course includes practical and theoretical parts. At the end a course, the participants provided by certificates approved by the head of the university.
For more details about the training courses, the link of training curriculum at the home page of the university. The e-mail of Training and Development department , as well for more information contact mobile number 0711887211. Employees from national institutions and private sectors can nominate for these training courses, who are suitable for the course.