Dr. safaa Aubais Mahdi, the dean of Businesses Informatics College participated in a workshop about training management, which organized by the training and development department for managers. Managers, who work at The General Secretariat of Ministers Council.
The workshop attended by several managers who work at the national offices. Dr.Safaa Aubais Mahdi represented the university of Information Technology and Communications. The workshop aims to develop the concepts of training at the governmental institutions and to choose appropriate training programs inside the country and abroad. As well, the workshop aims to prepare a budget to these programs under austerity.
The training and development department at UOITC prepared a presentation includes statistics and information about training courses made by the department for employees of different ministries and students.
The recommendations of the workshop call for a general meeting of responsible of training and development departments sponsored by the General Secretariat of Ministers Council. At the end, the General Secretariat of Ministers Council presented certificates of participation to the participants.