IEEE official web site published the details of international conference “New Trends in Information & Communications Technology and Applications (NTICT)” that convened cooperating with UOITC.

The primary focus of the conference is on the latest research and results of an original study performed by the authors, implementation and applications of Information technology and communications.
The UOITC organized the conference “New Trends in Information & Communications Technology and Applications (NTICT)” for two days cooperating with IEEE, the conference involved twelve scientific sessions distributed among three halls; four sessions in each one. A number of researchers and professors from different countries participated in the conference whereas the university president Prof. Dr. Abbas M. Al-Bakry referred “the number of submitted researches is (141) classified according to EDAS report into; (35) in artificial intelligent, (24) in computer networks, (17) in data mining, (35) in parallel and distributed computing”.
The number of researchers was (256) from Iraq and other Arab and international countries; (209) from Iraq, (10) from UK, (8) from Malaysia, (6) from US, (5) from Romania, (4) from Iran, (1) from Canada, Italia, India, Bahrain and Netherlands, the Dr. Al-Bakry explained that all participated researches evaluated scientifically by three reviewers for each research after that (57) researches were selected from (141) researches.

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