Businesses Informatics College at the university of information Technology and Communications cooperates with Al-Aine foundation of orphans care. In the occasion of the orphan day, which will be in 1/4/2017, the university organizes a seminar about Iraqi orphan day. The seminar attended by the president of the university, a number of lecturers and employees of the college.

The president of the university, Prof. Dr. Abbas Al-Bakri conformed the importance of taking care of orphans due to all religious, national and moral aspects that refer to orphan Care and their sponsored ship, which urged in all Holy Books and heavenly laws, especially now a days due to their increased numbers.
Mr. Maithm Mussa from Al-Aine foundation. This foundation takes care of orphans and sponsored them. He said that orphanages mechanism combined several steps, including regular bail which means payment of an amount of at least 75,000 thousand dinars per month, patients insurance which means payment of an amount not less than 100,000 thousand dinars per month, and solder orphans assurance means payment of an amount not less than 120,000 thousand dinars per month, while ensuring that orphans of the martyrs of the popular crowd mobilization means payment of an amount of at least 100,000 thousand dinars per month.
The seminar presented an introduction film about the foundation and its role in society and branches offices in the provinces. The university support this foundation. It makes charity funds in university departments, a bail in which an employee or a group of employees can be sponsored one of the orphans and support him/her financially and morally to a certain age, at the end of the seminar donations for orphans has been made.