The head of the University of information Technology and Communications, Prof.Dr. Abass Al-Bakri welcomed the head of the Iraqi association for Computer Technology and Informatics, Prof. Ahmed Al-Lami and his accompaniment delegation.

Prof.Dr. Al-Bakri presented the accomplishments and the objectives of the university, which is specialized in informatics. The university works on preparing efficient staff in order to solve labor market. The visit aimed to organized the cooperation between the university and the association in order to present training courses for graduated and to find job opportunity for them.
Prof. Falah Al-Lami gave a brief about of Association, which is a civil society organization. It is established in 2015 specialized in computers technology, informatics, and programming. The association supports programmers. It organizes meetings and conferences for its members. It provides consultations, prepares training courses, markets applications and finds job opportunities for graduated.