University of Information Technology and Communications congratulates Iraqis on the occasion of the announcement of the final victory

The Presidency of the University of Information Technology and Communication represented by its President, Dr. Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri presents its congratulations on the occasion of the announcement of the final victory over the terorist organization of ISIS.
We also thank the Almighty for this blessing, and we thank and congratulate the owners of this honorable victory for the wise guidance represented by Mr. Ali Sistani, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, our brave army, our sacred public mobilization, the federal police forces, the counterterrorism apparatus and all honorable people who sacrificed And to liberate the land and defend the sanctities.

We do not forget our wounded and martyrs who sacrificed their lives and sacred blood in defense of the honor, the land, the sanctities, and a thousand greetings to the martyrs’ families for their mothers, wives, fathers, brothers and children.
Without these sacrifices, we would not enjoy security and safety.
As we live in times of liberation and the cleansing of the beloved land of Iraq from the clutches of the dark enemy represented by the Mongols of the age, calling for infidelity and terrorism, we call for unifying the nation and not being dragged into the calls for division and fragmentation of national or sectarian hatred as we hope Allah preserves Iraq, its people, its army, its blessed crowd and all our security forces.