The presidency of the UOITC congratulated the brave Iraqi army in the 96th anniversary of its establishment.

The president of the University Prof. Dr. Abbas M. Al-Bakri introduced the highest congratulations and blessings to the leaders and officers in Iraqi army in all of its classes and organizations in the 96th anniversary of its establishment along with the victories achieved against the forces of injustice and atonement.
Al-Bakri said that the University employees, lecturers, students and all Iraqi people must thank the armed forces, Iraqi army, all classes of popular mobile forces and all the defenders who defend and scarify for Iraq land and people in the battle to liberate what is left of our land usurped by the terrorist organization ISIS.
Al-Bakri called for; supporting the army with the latest weapons and devices to quick up the victory and liberation operations, increasing the interest in the heroine military institute and keep it away from partisan bickering and taking care in the families of the martyrs of Iraqi army as well as to speed up the returning process of displaced families due to military operations.
And finally, the university president prayed to god to preserve Iraq and its people and evangelize our security forces, our brave army and all classes of popular mobile forces against ISIS terrorists.