The UOITC convened a seminar titled “Integrated Solutions of the Interactive Screens in the E-Learning” at the University hall with the presence of the University president assistant for scientific affairs and a number of lecturers.

The seminar was introduced by two gentlemen from the company of Systems Gate; Ali Q. Mohammed manager of business development and the an engineer Saif Mohammed, in aim to identify the advantages and benefits of the interactive screen (Prestigio) as being as a big screen contains a computer can be used in e-learning, it also contains programs can be used to perform a complete electronic class expands for more than 50 students in addition to the programs that enable the screen to be as a smart board has several educational and illustrative features.
The screen is a big screen contains a computer used for presentation and explanation at meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops and is also be able to connect to the Internet or to different screens in different places to present the lectures remotely. It has the possibility of lectures recording in audio and video formats and is equipped with speakers and a microphone. If the lecturer writes a sentence or draws a shape of illustrations, the screen will automatically save it in its memory and forward it to the student computer. the screen can also be used with the educational programs like a (Moodle) or for uploading lectures to the web site of youtube.

The lecturers also explained the abilities and the features of the screen (Prestigio) in term of flexibility in the using and saving the efforts as well as adding excitation in teaching for the both lecturers and students and also can be used as big PC monitor. It is suitable for all country offices under the application of e-government (presentations, planning, projects and statistical data). As well as in the educational aspect which is hoped the UOITC can use it as in other universities.
After that, the attendance started introducing questions about the interactive screens and the experiments and fields that these screens used in.