UOITC Conducts a Seminar on Cisco’s Academic Curricula and Its Importance in the Labor Market

The Information Technology Academy (Cisco Academy) at the University of Information Technology and Communications held a seminar on the academic curricula of Cisco and its importance in the labor market. The seminar was presented by Sara Ali Abdullah. The seminar included the topics of networking technology and the types of companies in this field, the definition of the Cisco Academy, the certificates it provides, and Cisco Academy’s relationship to the networks in the labor market and manpower. “CISCO”, is a giant American company specialized in network science in general. The company has developed training programs for all network students around the world. The Cisco Network Academy, the world’s first academic academy that offers specialized network certificates, Accredited around the world for the so-called global certificates. The seminar referred to the levels of education in the academy, the certificates that the trainee can obtain, and the privilage of obtaining the Cisco certificate in the labor market. The seminar focused on the training courses as a basic element to study the latest network technologies, security and cloud technologies, theoretical and applied information. In terms of the certificate, the skills of the students are measured through special tests which correspond to many of the requirements for obtaining a job. In addition to career paths where graduates are provided with what meets the functional standards in a timely manner. As well as developing through the Networking Academy Talent, which demonstrated that students have technical skills and problem solving skills, expanded services, improved business satisfaction and superior competitors. Cisco Networking Academy is also developing a consistent interactive experience by setting up and managing online courses, adding students and teachers, monitoring their success, personalizing their experiences, simplifying classroom management using discussion boards, Multimedia chat, alerts, blogs, and collaboration from anywhere in the world.