University of Information Technology and Communications organized its conference (New Trends in Information Technology and Communications applications) and inventions and innovations exhibition in information technology and software applications.

The conference was held in cooperation with IEEE which included an exhibition in information technology and software applications in association with Iraqi Inventors Forum.
The University of Information Technology and Communications president Prof. Abbass Muhsin Albakry said in his speech :” Our conference opened prospects for new trends in investing information technology and communications in information technology, computer networks, data mining vision, and parallel distributed computing.”

Albakry pointed out that:” The number of researches presented to the conference was 141 researches distributed according to EDAS report to: Information Technology (35), Computer Networks (24), Computers Vision (22), Data Mining (17), Parallel Distributed Computing (35). The number of researchers participated was 256 researchers from Iraq and different Arab and international countries distributed as the following: Iraq (209), UK (10), Russia (8), Malaysia (8), US ( 6), Romania(5), Iran ( 4), and one research from Canada, Italy, India , Bahrain, and Holland. ”

Albakry illustrated that ” All the participated researches underwent scientific assessment with the average of 3 international evaluators per research. The result was accepting 57 research out of 141.”
In the end, Albakry praised the great sacrifices of our security forces in all its different forms , so that the country enjoys security and safety to hold such scientific events.
For his part, the prime minister consultant Dr. Waleed Alhilly said in his speech that:” The necessary reformations in the administration of the government institutions depend on the information technology and communications in all the strategic locations with the condition of managing them efficiently, sincerely, and impartially.”

He indicated that the advancement in communication technology field and developing it enforces its use in all the strategic locations. So, the interest in such conferences is important in spreading and developing the awareness of the importance of the information technology and communications in developing countries and institutions and increasing the skills of the personnel.
IEEE representative Dr. Sattar Bader Sadkhan confirmed in his speech that: ” Convening this international conference in cooperation with IEEE in Iraq has many positive landmarks on the Iraqi scientific tourism. Accepting researches in this conference is an uneasy indicator of the sedate researches which will be distributed in the international library IEEE Xplore after measuring certain features by the enterprise.”
Sadkhan pointed out that the enterprise agreed, for the first time in the Arabic scientific field, to receive the researches written in Arabic in the humanitarian disciplines providing the abstract in English.
The conference also included an exhibition of inventions and innovations in information technology and communications in cooperation with the Iraqi Inventors Forum. Its aim was to invest the inventions and the information technology’s artificial models and making use of them. In additions to focusing on new technique and technological innovations which contribute in solving problems and obstacles providing the inventors and innovators with the opportunity to communicate with the officials, researchers, and students participating in the conference. Also, it provides the opportunity for new inventors and innovators to participate in this field.