Students Activities Department at the University of Information Technology and Communications set-up a Fitness and Physical Therapy Unit, in which students can practice fitness and physical therapy.

The opening attended by Dr. Jean Istephan the scientific assistant of the president of the university, the dean of Businesses Informatics and the president of Scientific Supervision, Evaluation Office of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Hossam Al-Muman, a number of professors and lecturers of the university staff.
Al-Muman declared that the ministry supports the efforts of recent universities, universities that aim to develop scientific and cultural basics for Iraqi student. As well, He clarified that student activities have an important role in developing the scientific level of students.

The head of the Student Activities Department in the university, Dr. Emad Kadim Al-Kaabi confirmed that sports activities are essential foundations that develop students’ mental, psychological and physical abilities and effect the scientific level of them.
The university aims to develop this aspect and to promote student activities in various fields, in order to upgrade the scientific reality in the university and to create an appropriate atmosphere that considers as a motive and incentive for the best.