A workshop at UOITC to present electronic systems designed by the University

The committee to monitor the evaluation of the work of the software systems in the Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics and the University of Information Technology and Communications presented the electronic systems used by the departments of the Commission and the University. The workshop was opened by Dr. Abbas Mohsen al-Bakri, President of the University and the Commission. He said that the evaluation process is continuing to develop programs and electronic systems in order to reach binding recommendations, which aim to develop solutions and follow up the use of these systems and develop them to reach the desired goal. Users and developers were asked to give their feedback about the possibility of merging two or more systems or consolidating databases. ” The Committee for the Evaluation and Follow-up” of the work of the systems started its work with a brief presentation of the software systems used by the Commission and the University with a simple comparison in terms of the requirements required for its use, the number of users working on the system, the problems faced by the user, The committee also divided the systems in the light of the access routes, such as the ON SERVER, which is a set of systems designed on SERVER University and the database is one, and the systems ON LINE is the system of extension, human resources and secretarial, and follow-up student and teaching, activities, Magazine system and conference management system. These include DUAL SYSTEMS, a set of systems used by the Commission and the University separately for the database such as salary system, ratifications, scientific promotions, human resources, fingerprinting, retirement, information management, warehouse control, personal file archiving and system automation. Among these systems is SINGLE, which works on a single computer or a set of computers, but in one system such as library system, courses, computer proficiency for postgraduate studies, office system, corporate and others. At the end of the workshop, discussions were opened between the developers and designers of electronic systems and users or beneficiaries. It was agreed to hold subsequent meetings to follow up the implementation of the work of the suspended systems in order to achieve the completion of the work as quickly and effortlessly as possible.