Acknowledgments from one of the popular mobilization forces groups to the University of Information Technology and Communications and the Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics

The Presidency of the UOITC and ICCI received a letter of thanks and appreciation from the 17th Brigade of the popular mobilization forces.

The letter of thanks and appreciation to the University included the gratitude of the 17thBrigade, which is part of the popular mobilization forces for cooperation in the technical field and improving the quality of the administrative performance in the brigade, after the University has provided a set of important and necessary systems to improve the work performance.

These technical systems contribute to the improvement and upgrading of the work mechanism of the popular mobilization forces, including (the 17th brigade), where the university provided them in free of charge.

The Prof. Dr. Abbas M. Al-Bakry said that “the UOITC university and ICCI institution are proud to offer a simple part of their work to whoever sacrificed for this country whether it was security forces or the Iraqi army and the popular mobilization forces in all its factions which provided precious and generous and defended on the land of Iraq and its sanctities and introduced the martyrs and the wounded”.

Al-Bakry added that “We are responding to part of this altruism by presenting a set of technical Systems and maintaining the covenant in providing any technical needs in the field of informatics that may be provided by the university and the institute to the popular mobilization forces or one of its factions in free of charge.