An announcement of the need for 2 assistant lecturers as an external lecturer

The Faculty of Business Informatics / University of Information Technology and Communications (Government University) announced about its need to (2) of the Master’s degree in Computer Science to work as an external lecturer in the laboratories of the College in the evening study

The introduced should be resident of the province of Baghdad exclusively, for those wishing to apply to attend the headquarters of the university building located near Al-Andalus square behind Ibn al-Haytham for Science hospital with accompanying the following documents:

1- Master and Bachelor degree documents

2- Housing card

3- Unified Card or Civil Status ID

4 – Certificate of experience and participation in courses in different programming languages (preference for those with experience in the field of teaching)

5. A written request for appointment

The introducing period will be from 15/8/2018 until 1/9/2018 during official working hours

with respect