Faculty of Engineering Organizes a Scientific Trip to the Art City Foundation for Cinema and Television

The Department of Media Technology Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering at the UOITC organized a scientific trip to the City of Art Foundation for Cinema and Television.

The importance of this scientific trip to the students of the Department of Media Technology Engineering, which is special for the study of materials related to (media, engineering and fine arts) and the attendance with the participation in a workshop that is titled “messages from Baghdad creativity” in implementing the documentary film, this workshop organized by the Foundation in cooperation with the Ministries of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities of Iraq.

The scientific tour aims at introducing students in a field-based way for making a documentary film to accumulate the engineering, technical and media expertise. The scientific trip included the definition of documentaries and how the documentary film was produced through a lecture introduced by American and Swedish directors as well as through visiting the studio of art city foundation to get more knowledge about the technical means used in the process of production and releasing.

The City of Film and Television Foundation, located in Al Waziriya, is a city of cinema and television, with advanced capabilities in various stages of film and television production, which benefit all specialists in culture, arts and media and have a role in promoting cinema and television in Iraq.

These initiatives also represent a turning point for students especially at the beginning of their initial stages in the field of specialization as a consequent motivation and encouragement to develop their spirit of excellence and success.