Lecturers from the University of Information Technology and Communications introduced a symposium at the University of Technology on Artificial Intelligence

A number of Lecturers from the UOITC in the scientific symposium was held at the University of Technology under the title “The importance of deep learning”.

The seminar, which was held on the conference hall of the Department of Control Engineering and Systems / University of Technology, highlighted the importance of artificial intelligence in modern applications. Whereas a brief description of its definition and challenges was presented.
The seminar included a brief explanation of the difference between artificial intelligence and the modern applications from one hand and the classical methods and its application in international companies such as “google, Facebook and Microsoft” in the other hand, the seminar also introduced the modern algorithms used with the “deep learning” and how to start working in this area.
The seminar was introduced by the lecturers from the UOITC, M. Laith S. Al-Zubaidi from the Information Technology Center, M. Fuad H. Awad and M. Mohammed A. Fadhil from the Faculty of Business Informatics.