Student Activities held a seminar on office exercises to reduce muscle stress in the field of work

The Student Activities Department held an awareness seminar on office exercises to reduce muscle stress in the field of work.

The seminar, which was presented by the Head of Student Activities Department Dr. Imad K. Al Kaabi and Ms. Tharwat Riyad, aims to identify the common symptoms and diseases in all societies, especially the employees community, which affects young adults and men of both sexes during the work of the office including cervical vertebrae, shoulder, lower back or pain. Headaches, and eye strain by working on a computer screen for long periods, as well as mental and psychological exhaustion.

The symposium included a practical aspect of some of the sports movements that the employee can perform at his place of work without affecting the work time and community service, including the technique of “Dynamic Seating”. This reduces the loading on the spine and the rest of the body muscles during sitting. It also stimulates the supply of blood cartilage. Thus preventing the employee from back pain.

The concept of “dynamic sitting” is that the employee spends his/her day in a busy manner, even if he/she spends most of his/her time on the office, where the dynamism and movement at this time change the employee between sitting and standing and walking on the one hand, and move while sitting and switch between sitting positions on Office on one hand to another.

The seminar was attended by the assistants of the President of the University and a number of lecturers, staff and university student