The Department of Continuous Education at the University of Information Technology and Communications

has organized courses in Networking Security (Cisco), Microsoft Visual Basic.NET 2013 Advanced and Networks +

and the latest trends in management. with the participation of a group of staff of the Prime Minister’s Office,

the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Finance / Ibn Sina University for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Al Nisour University College and the Iraqi Commision for Computers and Informatics. The 10-day network security course, Cisco, aims to provide participants with basic concepts of network security, common attack types, infiltrations of networked computers and knowledge of the techniques used to prevent these attacks.

The course included Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2013 Advanced (15) days to develop the correct software skills for an advanced stage of object-oriented programming to design systems that control all operating system resources from text data (input and output). The 10-day Network + course aimed at introducing participants to the basic concepts of networking and how to transfer data over the network, as well as the types of networks and their connections, equipment, devices and network protocols, and the acquisition of practical, theoretical and technical information in network design. The five-day course on modern methods and trends in management aims to enhance the importance of the human element to participants as the basic foundation for development at the individual and institutional levels and to develop knowledge, skills and techniques related to human management.