The Department of Student Activities at the UOITC Holds a Symposium on Sports Doping and Its Effects

The Department of Student Activities at the University of Information Technology and Communications held an awareness seminar on the dangers of sports doping and its implications. The seminar was led by Dr. Imad Kazem Al Kaabi, Head of Student Activities at the University, and discussed how to use sports stimulants which lead to the positive effect on the elements of fitness and thus on the athlete level in addition to the training process, but this use contains another negative impact Companion (side effects) negatively affects the health of the individual who is constantly using sports doping. Experience has shown that these side effects have sometimes reached the point of sudden death as well as some serious diseases like liver and kidney diseases. The symposium also included the disadvantages of the use of stimulants, which lead to the addiction of some athletes, which leads to increase the activator at a time to reach the cases of toxic and harmful, and neglect the preparation of races and exercises and even training, poor moral and social and psychological situation of the individual who overstimulates stimulants, as well as Negative effects on the body such as high blood pressure, pulse and sudden death due to the use of large amounts of stimulants. At the end of the seminar the door of dialogue was opened and questions from the attendees were being asked and tge presenter presented some solutions on the subject of the debate. There was important participants of regulatory bodies, whether from the Ministry of Health or youth and sports or joint committees to follow the subject of sports doping.