The Department of Studies and Planning at the University holds a workshop on administrative and scientific job description

The Department of Studies and Planning at the University of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) organized a workshop on Job Descriptions and Management at the University.
The workshop, designed by the team of studies and planning headed by Dr. Saif Qasim Mohammed, aims to prepare a functional reference to the university of ICT in all its formations, departments and staff. It aims at identifying the information, the nature of the work, the duties, requirements and qualifications of the incumbents. Includes all the functions approved in the organization.
The workshop pointed out that the success of any institution, whatever its competence depends on its ability to manage human resources effectively, and here highlights the importance of job description as a means of providing information to manage human resources efficiently and effectively.
The workshop concluded that there is a need to comply with some of the recommendations. The form is filled out by the people’s officials and discussed with the head of the department. The job description is determined accurately to suit the specific work of each formation. For the teaching staff in the colleges, and also fill out the administrative description form by all administrative staff at the university, including college