The Department of the Media at the University participated in a workshop to develop the skills of students in information technology within the initiative of Facebook

Mr. Suhaib Al-Fahdawi from the Media and Public Relations Department at the University of Information technology and Communications participated in a workshop to support and develop the skills of the students within the Facebook initiative to support the developers and programmers “Facebook Developer Circle” that held at Degla University College.

During the workshop, Al-Fahdawi discussed the subject of web servers, their types and mechanisms, and access to websites, software and applications.

The speaker refered in his lecture to the importance of mastering this aspect by programmers and developers to develop their skills and their software capabilities in line with the great development in the field of programming and design systems and websites.

The aim of the lecture that was introduced by the representative of UOITC media department was to provide the students with the various technical skills in the field of information technology and the development of systems and websites in order to push them in the labor market and to meet the market requirements.

The workshop, which was held in more than 45 countries, including Iraq, was presented by a number of developers and programmers and dealt with various topics in the field of information and communication technology.