The Faculty of Engineering hosts a group of engineers and media professionals

The Department of Media Technology Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Information Technology and Communications hosted a number of engineers and media professionals from the university channel, the Iraqi media network and Al-Masar satellite channel.

The meeting, which was attended by the deputy dean of the Faculty of Engineering Dr. Sinan Abdulaal and the department’s instructors, discussed the need of the labor market and the modification of the scientific curricula of the department in accordance with the requirements and needs of the labor market and the possibility of forming an advisory board for the Media Technology Engineering Department of experts and specialized in the field of media technology.

The meeting resulted in several recommendations that would enhance the theoretical and practical aspects of the students of the Department in Media Technology Engineering, in addition to recommendations regarding the curricula and cooperation between the Department and the satellite channels in terms of exchanging the experiences and using the laboratories of satellite channels to train and participate students in training courses at the media channels.