The President of UOITC inspecting the conduct of the final examinations of the Faculty of Business Informatics
The President of the University of Information Technology and Communications , Dr. Abbas Mohsen al-Bakri, conducted an inspection tour of the classrooms for the students of the first stage in the Faculty of Business Informatics. During his inspection of the classrooms, the university president stressed the need to provide students with the appropriate atmosphere and to prepare all the requirements that lead to the success of the process of conducting the quarterly tests and completing them smothly. Al-Bakri recommended the students to persevere and excel in their academic life and to achieve success in the quarterly exams, which is an important step to move to another stage. He added that the country is going through exceptional circumstances and this requires us to be ready as a university and students to be up to the responsibility. The president of the university also mentioned during his tour several things, including the commitment to the specific times of the exam and the need to clarify the questions so that their answers are specific, adding that our university is specialized in the field of information technology, and should be upgraded as an important scientific edifice and students are the basic pillar and development of their scientific capabilities through these scientific tests.