The Student Activities Department organizes an intellectual competition for students of the Faculty of Engineering

The student activities department at the University of Information Technology and Communication held a competition

(intellectual, cultural, knowledge, poetic) for the students of the Faculty of Engineering.

This competition comes in line with the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Supervision and Scientific Assessment / Department of Student Activities, as part of the strategy for the advancement in the Arabic language.

The competition included reading of the Holy Quran and poetry, as well as various questions which included questions (literature, poetry, religion, faith, geography, economy, computer, intelligence and various questions). The competition was managed and supervised by Dr. Emad K. Al-Kaabi manager of students’ activities department at the University, Assist. Lect. Mohammed A. Fadhil, Head of Technical Activities Division of the mentioned department and Assist. Lect. Tamara Z. Fadhil, Head of Student Activities Division at the Faculty of Engineering.

The competition was attended by a number of faculty members and students in the first stage as the College was newly founded in the following fields: Media Technology Engineering and Computer Communication Engineering. Whereas the interaction, and the spirit of competition among students was serious, which resulted in winning the Department of Communications Engineering six points to five of the Department of Media Technology Engineering.

This competition is a part of a series of internal educational and awareness activities for the students of the university implemented by the student activities department within the university as well as the university’s participation in external activities within the curricula of the second part of the supervision and scientific assessment / student activities department.