The University discusses with the company of software smart delivery the bilateral cooperation to qualify the graduate students.

The UoITC discussed with the company of software smart delivery that responsible on Talabati and Madrisati Apps the mechanism of bilateral cooperation to qualify university graduates.
The University president Prof. Dr. Abbas M. Al-Bakry discussed with the deputy director of the company in the presence of the scientific assistant Dr. Jane J. Stephan and the head of student affairs department Dr. Mohammed Qasim. During the meeting, the mechanism of cooperation was approved for speeding up in its implementation to serve the graduate students.

The President of the University appreciated the role played by the private sector in the field of information technology for supporting the graduate students to develop their skills and help them in the labor market, noting that the university has always sought to provide the labor market with outstanding youth talents in the field of information technology through its teaching curricula.

Noting that the university is continuing to complete several memorandums of understanding with the firm companies for the purpose of marketing students specialized in the field of information and communication technology.