The University of Information Technology and Communications in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Technology held a seminar entitled “Standards and Testing of Laboratories”

The Scientific Affairs Department at the UOITC, in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology, held a seminar entitled “Standards and Inspection of Laboratories”.

The seminar included three lectures the first was entitled “International Standard and International Accreditation”, presented by Engineer Mohamed Abdulmajeed from the Ministry of Science and Technology. The second lecture was entitled “Requirements for Testing the Efficiency of Measurement Laboratories, Testing and Standards in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17025” presented by Hanaan A. Abdulateef from the ministry of planning. The third lecture was entitled “Accreditation and its importance in enhancing confidence in products and services” by Engineer Elham H. Mustafa, General Director of the Iraqi Accreditation Authority in the Ministry of Planning.

The first lecture focused on how to establish a procedure by a competent council to give formal approval that a person or institution is qualified to carry out specific tasks. The importance of this measure is to enhance laboratory efficiency and to be dependent nationally and internationally, building trust and acceptance of test results or calibration results obtained through the accredited laboratory, as well as facilitating the acceptance of test and calibration results between cooperating countries, laboratories and other councils.