The University President presents a certificate of appreciation to one of the superior students

The President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abbas M. Al-Bakry, in the presence of the scientific assistant Dr. Jane J. Stephan and the head of the Department of Student Affairs Dr. Mohammed Q. Mohammed presented a certificate of appreciation to the first student Ali J. Mohammed for his excellence in the summer training organized by the university for its students.

The Dr. Al-Bakry said, “This certificate is a tribute to the outstanding role and effort of Ali J. Mohammed, a student of Business Informatics Technology department at the Faculty of BIC in passing the summer training course on graduation requirements, which was held at Zain and in cooperation with the University of UOITC.

The university president emphasized on the importance of paying attention to students by training them in public and private institutions in order to identify the needs of the labor market and exert efforts by university staff to develop the skills of these students, especially those who are graduating and developing their scientific skills.

Noting that the UOITC will graduate this year 2017-2018 its first intake class after its establishment in 2014