Training Courses for working in the Labor Market

After its agreement with the company of SatGate, the university is engaging its students in qualifying courses to join in the labor market.

The College of Business Informatics at the University of Information Technology and Communications (UOITC) made a test for the fourth stage students to participate in the training courses of the SatGate company for Information and Technology.

The College implemented the “bridge” test provided by SatGate whereas 19 students were tested.

The results showed that five students were given the opportunity to participate in the training curriculum prepared by the SatGate company for two months in the halls and laboratories of the company and provide the opportunity to employment the distinguished students in the labor market, as well as to give the participants 50% discount for all the specialized courses available in the company.

The test system was distinguished and developed by showing results immediately with the last participant.

The university has signed a bilateral cooperation mechanism with SatGate company to train the graduate students in order to encourage them to compete for a job in the labor market.

SatGate company for information and technology is a specialized company in the field of training and information technology and has a specialized training center for training human resources to work in the field of information technology and networks at all levels.