UOITC Holds a Workshop on Developing Programs and Dealing with Modern Software Platforms

The Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Division at the University of Information Technology and Communications held a workshop on “Modern Programming Techniques” for raising awareness in developing programs and dealing with modern software platforms. The workshop, which was given by the programmer Yahya Zaki Ali and the programmer Salah Abdul Rasool from the IT Center, aims at sensitizing students in programming and software development by dealing with modern software platforms that help in making the right decision and adopting the various programming languages that contribute to building excellent software systems, speed of performance, data retention, and response speed to user request. The workshop discussed the correct construction of the databases and how to link the tables correctly to accelerate the storage of information and the possibility of working multiple flows to alleviate the overload on the system because of requests and orders issued by users. During this workshop, a practical application was implemented directly through access to the content of the electronic supervision system designed by the programmer Yahya Zaki and applied in the University of Information Technology and Communications, the General Authority for Taxation, the Secretariat of Baghdad and the Office of the Inspector General, as well as universities and other government departments. It presented Interfaces and table relations in the database and user code of the user screens, as well as instructing students to adopt the best methods for analyzing and designing databases and graphical interfaces of the system.