A Meeting with Professors and Lecturers Held in UoITC Presidency

A meeting was held by The President of the University of Information Technology and Communications “Dr. Abbas M. Al-Bakry” along with his Assistants for Scientific and Administrational Affairs. The meeting has gathered faculty members to negotiate administrational and technical manners inside the university.

The speakers in the gathering have mainly focused on preparing for the participating in the international conference being set in cooperation with the international publisher (Springer). They have also emphasized on accelerating the exams’ correction process in order to be finished and results would be announced to students before the lecturers’ annual summer leave. Also, the students’ summer’s training courses were discussed.

Dr. Al-Bakry, in his speech, has strongly emphasized on how important for a lecturer to invest their time during the summer’ leave in personal and scientific gain to develop themselves and university’s benefit. He also advised to make students’ graduation projects beneficial to the university’s scientific rank and society.

Dr. Jane J. Stephan, the University’s President’s Assistant for Scientific Affairs, has spoken about the importance of participating in the University’s Annual Conference that will be held next December.

Dr. Stephan has also talked about the competition for the studying permissions inside and outside Iraq, and the available positions for required specialties.

Dr. Abbas Al-Jubouri, The University’s President’s Assistant for Administrational Affairs, had the part to congratulate lecturers for finishing the study year and starting the summer’s leave, while he pointed to many financials and administrational manners inside the university.

The meeting was attended by the Dean of Business Informatics College, “Dr. Safaa O. Muhsin” along with his assistants for administrational and scientific affairs, the Dean of College of Engineering, “Dr. Moayad A. Sahib” and his assistant, and many of the university’s faculty.